What Is The Function Of Aero Shake In Windows 10?

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What Is The Function Of Aero Shake In Windows 10? “

Are You Running Windows 10 and Have Come Across the Aero Shake Feature? If so, this feature allows you to quickly minimize all open windows other than what you are currently working with and quickly minimize all other ones – but why and How is It Useful? In this article we explore both its purpose and benefits in more depth.

Aero Shake was first introduced with Windows 7, and has since been included in Windows 8 and 10. This window management feature enables you to quickly minimize all open windows except the one you are currently working in. This can be extremely helpful if you have multiple open windows at once that need your focus without closing them all at once.

What Is the Purpose of Aero Shake?

Aero Shake’s main objective is to simplify and enhance window management processes. Here are a few ways in which it may prove valuable:

Aero Shake provides an easy way to quickly minimize all open windows on your desktop except the one you are currently using, giving you more space on screen without closing all other tabs or windows. It is especially handy if you have multiple open and need to focus on one without shutting the rest down.

Restoring Minimized Windows

After minimizing all windows with Aero Shake, restoring them quickly by shaking any active window back again is much faster than manually doing each restoration individually.

Maximizing Windows

Aero Shake can also help maximize an active window. Simply grab it by its title bar and shake quickly – this can come in handy if you accidentally resized one accidentally and want to quickly return it back to its original size.

Aero Shake is just one of the various window management options available in Windows 10. Other choices include Snap, which lets you snap windows to the edges of the screen, and Task View, which displays all open windows and virtual desktops at once. Aero Shake may be useful if you only need to focus on one window at once.

How to Install Aero Shake

Setting up Aero Shake is straightforward. Just follow these steps.

Start the Aero Shake feature by opening the Start menu, clicking Settings, clicking System, clicking Multitasking and toggling on “When I shake a window, all other windows will be minimized”. With Aero Shake active you can use its features to minimize, restore or maximize windows:

Aero Shake makes it easy to reduce window clutter: just grab the title bar of the window you wish to keep open and quickly shake from side-to-side to close any other open windows.

Aero Shake can restore minimized windows.

To do so, grab the title bar of one window that has become minimized and shake it back quickly to restore them all.

Utilise Aero Shake to Maximize Windows

To maximize an active window, grab its title bar and quickly shake it back and forth to maximize window usage.


Aero Shake is an easy and time-saving feature of Windows 10, making window management much simpler and faster. Enabling and using Aero Shake requires only three easy steps – saving both time and effort when trying to focus on one window without closing or resizing others. Other window management solutions exist but Aero Shake stands out for being quick and effective – thus contributing to its wide popularity over the years.

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