Realtek Audio Driver: How To Install, Update, And Fix Common Issues

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Realtek Audio Driver: How To Install, Update, And Fix Common Issues “

Are You an Internet User? Have You Heard About Realtek Audio Driver? Realtek audio driver is one of the world’s most widely used audio drivers, used by millions around the globe. Realtek is a Taiwanese company which manufactures integrated circuits used in devices including audio codecs. In this article we’ll look at what Realtek audio driver is, how to install/update/fix common issues related to it.

What Is Realtek Audio Driver?

Realtek audio driver is a software program that enables your audio hardware to function optimally, responsible for processing sound that comes out of speakers or headphones on your computer. Realtek comes pre-installed on most computers but may need updating or reinstallation for proper functionality.

How Can I Install Realtek Audio Driver?

Installing Realtek audio drivers is simple. Either download them directly from their website, or use Windows Update to automatically do it for you. Here is how:

Realtek Website To start off, head over to Realtek’s Downloads section and download your audio driver. When complete, double-click it to install. Afterwards use Windows Update (Method 2)
Navigate to the Windows Start menu and enter “Windows Update” in the search bar, clicking on “Check for updates,” and “Check now.” Windows will automatically download and install any updates or new versions of Realtek audio drivers that may exist. How Can You

Upgrade Realtek Audio Driver?

Updating your Realtek audio driver regularly to ensure optimal functioning of the audio on your computer is vital for its proper operation. Here’s how you can do that:

Search your Start menu for “Device Manager,” then click it to launch it. Expand “Sound, video and game controllers,” right-click Realtek HD Audio and choose “Update Driver.”

Windows will search and install the most up-to-date drivers automatically.

How Can You Solve Common Realtek Audio Driver Issues? Realtek audio drivers may cause sound quality issues like no sound, crackling sound or poor audio quality – here is how you can fix them:

No Sound

Check to make sure both speakers or headphones are properly connected, check volume level to make sure it isn’t muted, then open Windows Start menu search bar type “Sound settings.” Once there click “Sound settings.”
Issue Two: Crackling Sound on Output Navigating to Windows Start menu, search bar and type in “Device Manager”. Once opened click “Device Manager”.

Expand the “Sound, video, and game controllers” section. Right-click Realtek High Definition Audio to access its properties; under “Advanced”, go to the Advanced tab and lower audio quality accordingly. Eventually this should address Issue Poor Audio Quality

Head into the Windows Start menu and enter “Sound” into the search bar. From “Sound settings,” click on “Output,” select your speakers or headphones as the default device and click on “Device properties.”
Under “Additional Device Properties,” select the Enhancements tab and check “Disable All Enhancements.”

For best results, it is wise to disable all enhancements prior to checking any boxes relating to additional device properties or enhancements. Eventually


Realtek audio driver is an essential software program that ensures your computer’s audio hardware functions optimally. While most computers come pre-installed with Realtek audio driver, updates or reinstallation may be required in order for it to function as intended and prevent issues like no sound, crackling sound, or poor audio quality from occurring. By following the steps outlined here you should be able to install, update, and address common Realtek audio driver issues; should they persist further assistance may need to be sought from professional technicians.

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