How To Use Minecraft End Gateway Finder Everything You Need To Know

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How To Use Minecraft End Gateway Finder Read All Facts Here Everything You Need To Know “

Are you exhausted of searching the End for an End Gateway portal to return home? Fear not; Minecraft provides the solution – the End Gateway Finder! In this article we will go over what an End Gateway is, how to locate it with its help, and use it to travel back home.

What Is an End Gateway in Minecraft’s End Dimension?

An End Gateway is a portal in Minecraft’s End dimension that leads to the Outer End, a small island surrounding the main central island. Accessing it is only possible via its gateway; from there you can reach either main End island directly or use it as a way back home.

How to get an End Gateway Finder

The End Gateway Finder can be found in Minecraft’s End Cities, though in order to do so you’ll first have to defeat the Ender Dragon and travel outward to reach Outer End – once there, search for cities identified by purple and black blocks that contain them – in search of your prize!

End Cities can be hard to come by, so be prepared for an arduous journey. Once you arrive at an End City, search its streets for chests. Keep an eye out for an End Gateway Finder as this rare item may take time to appear.

How to Locate an End Gateway using an End Gateway Finder

To use the End Gateway Finder, hold it in your hand and gaze towards the sky; its beam of light will indicate where to find the nearest End Gateway portal.

Follow the beam of light until you reach the End Gateway. Keep in mind that it may be located far outside of the End, so expect a lengthy journey – possibly through tough terrain or fighting off hostile mobs – until reaching it.

How to use the End Gateway to return home

Once you’ve located an End Gateway, step inside to return to the central island of the End. Here, you can battle against or use an exit portal back into the Overworld.

To use an exit portal, simply walk through it. You will be transported back into the Overworld near where your initial spawn point was. However, be mindful that using it is one-way only; therefore make sure all necessary supplies are on board before using it.

Common Troubleshooting Issues and Solutions

Are You having Trouble with your End Gateway or the End Gateway Finder? Below are a few issues and their respective solutions:

Are You Finding It Difficult?

(If the End Gateway Finder Isn’t Working): First make sure it is being held in your hand while looking at the sky, if no beam of light appears try moving to another location or checking that the End Gateway Finder is undamaged or low on durability

Are You Searching for the End Gateway: Since it may be located at the farthest edge of the End, prepare for a long journey. Be sure to follow the beam of light emitted by your End Gateway Finder; travel carefully over difficult terrain or face off against hostile mobs if needed.

Can’t Use Exit Portal: Before making use of the exit portal, be certain you have everything needed – items, resources and armor all must be brought with.


the End Gateway Finder is an indispensable item that allows players to easily locate the End Gateway portal in Minecraft’s End dimension. By following its beam of light, players can save both time and effort exploring the End dimension while making their journey back home more quickly and safely. Although acquiring and reaching the Outer End through safe access makes the journey worth while.

Be sure to come prepared with all of the resources and equipment you will need before beginning your adventure, and don’t hesitate to address any problems as they arise. Happy adventuring!

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