How To Uninstall PTR Overwatch?

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How To Uninstall PTR Overwatch? “

Overwatch is an internationally-acclaimed first-person shooter game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment, with several versions made available to players – main game, Public Test Realm (PTR) version, which allows them to test features before their official release publicly, etc. If no longer wish to utilize PTR version on your system, uninstallation is available – in this article we’ll outline how you can remove PTR Overwatch from computer systems.

What Is PTR Overwatch? PTR Overwatch (Player Test Region) allows players to test out new features and modifications before their release to the public. Only available on PC and console, this version requires opt-in before use; usually updated days before major patches or updates come out, this test version offers users the chance to beta test new content before they are officially made public.

Why Uninstall PTR Overwatch? There may be various reasons for you to want to uninstall PTR Overwatch. Perhaps you no longer want to test new features and changes or are experiencing issues with its PTR version; no matter the case may be, uninstalling PTR Overwatch is a straightforward process.

How to Uninstall PTR Overwatch on Windows
To successfully uninstall PTR Overwatch from your PC, follow these steps:

Close Overwatch and Battlenet client. When in Start Menu search “Control Panel”. Now click “Control Panel”, followed by “Programs and Features” or “Uninstall a Program”.
Follow these steps to uninstall PTR Overwatch on Mac:

Close Outwatch and Client. When opening Finder, navigate to Applications folder. Locate PTR Overwatch application, drag it into Trash bin and right click “Trash Can”. In order to empty Trash Bin.

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