How To Stream Disney Plus On Discord?

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How To Stream Disney Plus On Discord? “

Disney Plus offers a large selection of TV shows and movies. Discord is a platform for communication that allows users to share media files and chat. It would be awesome if you were able to stream Disney Plus and watch your favorite series with your friends on Discord. Fortunately, it’s possible! This article will show you in just a few simple steps how to stream Disney Plus through Discord.

What you’ll need

  • You’ll need a few items before we begin:
  • A Disney Plus subscription
  • Discord accounts
  • OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), a free, open-source software for streaming.
  • How to set up Discord for streaming
  • Create a server
  • Create a Discord server to start streaming Disney Plus. Follow these steps to do so:
  • Click the “+” icon on the left side of the screen.
  • Choose “Create A Server” and name your server.
  • Click “Create” and select the region closest to you.

Add a Voice Channel

You’ll then need to create a channel for voice on your server. You and your friends can chat together while watching Disney Plus. Follow these steps to create a voice-channel:

  • Click the server that you created.
  • Click on the “+” next to “Voice Channels”, located at the left side of the screen.
  • Click “Create” and give your voice channel a unique name.
  • Invite your friends
  • You’ll now need to invite friends to join your server. Follow these steps to do so:
  • Click the server that you created.
  • Click the “+ ” button next to the word “Members”.
  • Enter the friend’s Discord tag and username (e.g. Click “Invite” and enter the friend’s Discord username (e.g.

Now that your server has been established and your friends invited, it’s time to begin streaming Disney Plus on Discord. Here are the steps:

Downloading OBS

Visit the OBS website and download and install OBS on your computer. Finally, set up OBS! Getting Started With OBS

Launch OBS and select “Settings” in the bottom-right corner. Next, navigate to “Stream” on the left-hand menu, where “Custom” should be selected from the “Service” drop-down list. When filling out “Server”, enter rtmp:// as its value; in “Stream Key”, use “test”.
Click “OK.”

Tips for a Better Streaming Experience

Now that you know how to stream Disney Plus on Discord, here are some tips to enhance your viewing experience:

  • Make sure everyone in the group has a stable internet connection to avoid lag or buffering issues.
  • Consider using a VPN to bypass any geographical restrictions that may prevent you from accessing Disney Plus content.
  • Adjust the screen resolution and frame rate in OBS to optimize the streaming quality.
  • Avoid using other programs or applications while streaming to minimize the strain on your computer’s resources.


Streaming Disney Plus on Discord is a fun way to watch your favorite movies and TV shows with friends and family. With OBS and a Discord server, you can easily share your screen and chat with others while enjoying the content. Just make sure to follow the tips for a better streaming experience and avoid any legal issues by obtaining the necessary permissions. Happy streaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I stream Disney Plus on Discord without OBS?
    • Unfortunately, OBS is currently the only way to stream Disney Plus on Discord.
  2. How many people can I invite to watch Disney Plus on Discord?
    • The number of people you can invite to watch Disney Plus on Discord depends on the Discord server’s maximum user limit. This limit varies based on the server’s level of verification and boosts.
  3. Can I stream Disney Plus on Discord from my phone?
    • No, streaming Disney Plus on Discord requires a computer with OBS installed.
  4. How do I fix lag when streaming Disney Plus on Discord?
    • Check your internet connection and computer’s resources, adjust the OBS settings, and avoid using other programs while streaming.
  5. Is it legal to stream Disney Plus on Discord?
    • No, streaming copyrighted material without permission is illegal and could result in legal consequences.

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