How To Remove Grub Rescue After Deleting Linux Partition?

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How To Remove Grub Rescue After Deleting Linux Partition?

Don’t panic if you deleted your Linux partition recently and now find yourself stuck at the Grub Rescue prompt. This article will guide you through the steps necessary to remove Grub Rescue and restore your computer.

Understanding Grub Rescue

The Grub bootloader is commonly used with Linux. It loads the operating system, and passes control to it. If you delete the Linux partition from your computer, the Grub bootloader may fail. You will then be presented with the Grub Rescue prompt.

How to Remove Grub Rescue: A Step-by-Step Guide

Following are the steps to remove Grub Rescue after deleting your Linux partition.

Booting from a live CD

You will need to start your computer with a Live CD. Create a bootable USB or CD using a Linux OS or a tool such as Rufus or Unetbootin. Insert the Live CD/USB into your computer, and then restart.

Open Terminal

You need to open the Terminal after booting the Live CD. You can either press Ctrl+Alt+T or search for the Terminal in the Applications menu.

Determine the Boot Partition

Type the following command in the terminal:

This command will display a list of partitions on your PC. Search for the partition that has the boot flag. It will usually be marked with an (*). asterisk.

Mounting the Partition

Mount the partition after you’ve identified it. Type the following command to mount it:

Install Grub

Install Grub to the boot partition. Enter the following command into the terminal:

Update Grub

Update Grub as the final step. Enter the following command into the terminal:

This command updates the Grub configuration and adds any new operating system to the boot menu.


Summary: To remove Grub Rescue after deleting the Linux Partition, you will need to boot from the Live CD, identify and mount the boot partition. Then, install Grub and update the configuration. Follow the steps in this article to remove Grub Rescue and get your computer up and running again.

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