How To Install Lightroom Presets Windows?

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How To Install Lightroom Presets Windows? “

As a photographer or graphic designer, Lightroom presets can be invaluable tools. Not only can they save time and effort by providing quick and easy ways to apply edits to images quickly and effectively; newcomers to Lightroom may find installing presets daunting; in this article we’ll walk through how this process works on Windows computers.

What Are Lightroom Presets?

Lightroom presets are pre-defined settings that enable you to easily apply multiple edits with a single click, such as exposure, contrast, color or any other parameter adjustments. They work like filters in that they help your images achieve specific looks or styles.

Why Use Lightroom Presets

Lightroom presets can save a tremendous amount of time and effort when editing images, as you no longer have to individually adjust each parameter yourself – instead simply apply one that already contains your desired edits! This feature can especially come in handy if working on large batches as it allows you to quickly apply identical edits across several photos simultaneously.

Installing Lightroom Presets on Windows

Setting up Lightroom presets on a Windows computer is a straightforward process that can be completed in only a few steps.

Download Presets

The first step in installing Lightroom presets is downloading them. There are numerous free and paid presets online, with popular sources including Adobe’s official website, Creative Market and Etsy providing presets.

Once you have downloaded presets, they are typically delivered as a file which needs to be unzipped in order to access their preset files.

Extract Preset Files To extract preset files from folder, right-click and select “Extract All.” This will create a separate folder containing only presets files.

Import Presets into Lightroom To import presets into Lightroom, first open the program and navigate to its “Develop” module. On the left-hand panel should be an area called “Presets”, right-click this section and select “Import”.

Navigating to the folder containing preset files, and selecting any.xmp files you would like to add will enable you to click “Import” for installation.

Arranging and Utilizing Presets

Once installed, presets should be organized in folders for easier use. To do this, right-click any preset and choose “Create Folder”, followed by dragging and dropping other presets into this new folder.

To use a preset, simply click its image in the “Presets” panel and it will be applied to your image.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

While installing Lightroom presets is usually straightforward, you may encounter issues along the way that require troubleshooting. Below are a few commonly reported issues and their solutions:

Are your presets not appearing in Lightroom: Check that they were installed in the appropriate folder by going into Edit > Preferences > Presets and viewing their location there. If they’re there but still not visible, restart Lightroom and try checking again later on.

Your presets aren’t working: Each preset is designed to work best with certain types of images; if a preset doesn’t seem suitable for a photo you have taken, try switching out presets or manually altering settings manually until something looks right.


Installing Lightroom presets on Windows is an easy process that can greatly simplify your editing workflow. By following this article’s steps, installing presets quickly and applying them to images becomes effortless – saving both time and effort in creative projects!

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