How To Get Unbanned From Apex Legends – Step-By-Step Guide

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How To Get Unbanned From Apex Legends – Step-By-Step Guide? “

CapCut is an increasingly popular video editing app used by many users. Packed with features to simplify video editing in various ways, one feature that makes CapCut particularly valuable is velocity edit – we will explore this in this article.

Before we discuss how to utilize Velocity Edit in CapCut, let’s first understand what velocity edit is. Velocity edit is a video editing feature which enables you to speed up or slow down specific parts of a video for dramatic effects or emphasize certain aspects. It comes in handy when adding dramatic effects or emphasizing certain aspects.

Step-by-Step Guide on Velocity Edit on CapCut

This step-by-step guide on velocity edit on CapCut provides instructions for performing it correctly:

Launch CapCut App and Create a Project

To begin using CapCut, it is first necessary to download it from your respective app store. Upon installing, launch it and create your new project.

Import Your Video

Once you’ve created a new project, import the video you wish to edit by tapping on the “+” icon and choosing it from your phone’s gallery.

Add Your Video to the Timeline Once you have imported your video, drag and drop it on the timeline at the bottom of your screen where editing your video takes place.

Add Velocity Edit Effect

To add velocity edit effects, to select video on the timeline tap “Video > Select”, once selected select the Speed Icon at the bottom of your screen represented by two rabbits and turtles and tap on that icon – or alternatively select another video and repeat steps 2-3 above until effect has been applied

Adjust the Speed of the Video

Once you select the speed icon, you can change its speed by dragging its slider left or right. Dragging to the left will slow down video while dragging to the right will speed it up.

Add Keyframes If you want to make more subtle speed adjustments to your video, keyframes can help. To add keyframes, tap on the “Add Keyframe” icon at the bottom of the screen. Once added, drag its left or right edge to adjust speed of video playback.

Preview Your Video Once all necessary adjustments have been made, take one last look at your video by previewing it using the “Play” icon at the bottom of your screen. To preview, tap on it.

Save and Export Your Video

Once you’ve seen the preview of your video, the next step should be saving and exporting it. To do this, tap on the “Save” icon located near the top of the screen; from here you can choose both its resolution and quality before exporting.

Below are a few pointers on using velocity edit on CapCut:

Use velocity edit to highlight particular parts of your video, by experimenting with various speeds until finding one that’s just right. Use keyframes for precise speed adjustments and preview your video regularly to check its appearance.


Velocity edit is an effective feature in CapCut that enables you to rapidly speed up or slow down portions of your video. By following the step-by-step guide provided here, adding velocity edit effects is simple and can transform the visuals of any video project into breathtaking masterpieces! Feel free to experiment with different speeds as well as keyframes for more targeted speed changes – using CapCut can help create beautiful videos!

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