How Do I Use F2 Key In Windows 10?

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How Do I Use F2 Key In Windows 10?

If you are new to Windows 10 or have never used F2 key before, you might wonder what this key does and how it can help you be more productive. The F2 key is a function key that can be used for a variety of tasks in Windows 10, such as renaming files or folders, editing the contents of a cell in Microsoft Excel, or accessing the BIOS setup utility on your computer. In this article, we will explain what F2 key is, how to use it in Windows 10, and some of the common applications where it can be helpful.

What is F2 Key and How Does it Work?

The F2 key is located on the top row of most PC keyboards, typically between F1 and F3. It is a function key that can be used to perform various tasks depending on the application you are using. In Windows 10, the primary use of F2 key is to rename files and folders. When you select a file or folder and press F2, the file or folder name becomes highlighted, allowing you to quickly edit it. This can save you a lot of time and effort if you have to rename multiple files or folders at once.

How to use F2 Key in Windows 10

It is easy to use the F2 key in Windows 10. These steps will allow you to rename files or folders.

Choose the file or folder that you wish to rename.

Use F2 to switch between the keyboard and mouse.

You can edit the file by clicking on its name.

Enter the new name, and hit Enter.

That’s it! Now your file or folder has been renamed.

Other Applications of F2 Key in Windows 10

Apart from renaming files and folders, F2 key can be used in other applications in Windows 10. Here are some examples:

Editing Cell Contents in Microsoft Excel

If you use Microsoft Excel, you can use F2 key to edit the contents of a cell. Simply select the cell you want to edit and press F2. The cursor appears in the cell, allowing you to make changes to its contents. This can be very useful when you need to quickly update a cell’s value without having to use your mouse.

Accessing BIOS Setup Utility

If you want to access the BIOS setup utility on your computer, you can use F2 key. To do this, restart your computer and press F2 when the BIOS prompt appears. This will take you to the BIOS setup utility, where you can configure various settings related to your hardware and system.

Refreshing a Web Page

If you are browsing the web using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, you can use F2 key to refresh a web page. Simply press F2 while the web page is active, and the page will be refreshed.


The F2 key is a versatile function key that can be used for a variety of tasks in Windows 10. Whether you need to rename files or folders, edit cell contents in Microsoft Excel, access the BIOS setup utility, or refresh a web page, F2 key can save you time and effort. By mastering the use of F2 key, you can become more productive and efficient in your daily computing tasks.

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