How Do I Fix Grub Error In Linux?

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How Do I Fix Grub Error In Linux?

Are You Running Linux, but Have Encountered the Grub Error at Some Point? (GNUB Error)? Don’t fret: In this article we’ll walk through how to resolve this Grub Error on Your System! (GNUB Error in Linux).

Before we discuss solutions for Grub Error in Linux, let’s first define it. Grub (Grand Unified Bootloader) is used to load Linux and other operating systems onto computers; when this error occurs it indicates that Grub failed to properly load your operating system and won’t allow your computer to boot up properly.

Causes of Grub Error in Linux

Grub errors can arise for various reasons in Linux; among the more prevalent causes are:

Corrupted Grub Configuration File in Linux Incorrect Partitioning on Hard Drive [Incorrect partitioning of the hard drive ] Hardware Changes such as adding or removing Hard Drive [Hard drive changes ], Operating System Upgrade (OS update ), Treiber updates

Now that we understand the causes of the Grub error, let’s consider possible solutions. Here are steps for fixing it on Linux:

Boot from a Live CD or USB

To resolve a Grub error, boot your computer using a Live CD or USB. This will allow you to access and make necessary modifications on your Linux installation on hard drive, and to create it using any Linux distribution available to you.

Locating the Partition with Linux Installed

Once you have booted from your Live CD or USB, the next step should be locating which partition contains Linux installation. Use this command to list partitions:

Mount Your Linux Partition

Once you have identified your Linux partition, the next step is to mount it using this command:

Replace “sdXY” with the partition name you identified in step 2, such as if your Linux partition were named sda1; therefore, run this command:

Reinstall Grub

Once your Linux partition has been mounted, you can reinstall Grub using these commands:

Replace “sdX” with the name of your hard drive; for instance if yours was named sda, use this command:

Reboot Your Computer

Once Grub is reinstalled, rebooting should go smoothly. Simply remove any Live CD or USB drives before booting from hard disk; your computer should now boot without error messages.


While Grub error in Linux can be annoying, it doesn’t need to be the end of your world. With these steps outlined here you can quickly resolve it and get your computer up and running again.

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