how do i find my static ip address windows 10?

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How Do I Find My Static Ip Address Windows 10?

It is essential that you know your static IP address in order to be able to connect to a particular device on a network. You can depend on your static IP address to connect to your device every time. It can be difficult to find your static IP address on Windows 10, especially for people who don’t have the necessary technical skills. This article will show you how to find your static address on Windows 10.

Understanding IP Addresses

Before we get into the details of how to find your static IP address within Windows 10, it is important to first understand what an IP Address is. An IP address is a number that’s assigned to every device connected to a network. It is used to identify devices that are trying to communicate with one another.

There are two types IP addresses: static and dynamic. The dynamic IP address is subject to change, while the static address remains the same. A static IP address is not automatically assigned by the network.

Steps to Locate Your Static IP Address In Windows 10

These steps will help you find your static IP address for Windows 10:

Open Command Prompt

You will need to open Command Prompt in order to find your static IP address. Click on the Windows Start button, and then type “cmd”, into the search box. From the search results, select the “Command Prompt” option.

Type your command

Enter “ipconfig” in the Command Prompt window and hit enter. This will display information about your network configuration.

Find Your Static IP Address

Scroll down to the end of the information until you find “Ethernet adapter Ethernet”, or “WiFi.” This section will show you your IP address as “IPv4 Address.” This is your static IP Address.


There are several things you can do if you have trouble finding your static IP using the above steps.

Verify Network Settings

Check that your device is properly connected to the network. You won’t find your static IP address if you aren’t connected to the network.

Verify Network Adapter Settings

If you still have trouble finding your static IP address then check your network adapter settings. Check that your adapter is working properly.

Restart Modem or Router

Try restarting your modem or router if all else fails. This will help you find your static IP address and resolve any network issues.


Although it may seem daunting, finding your static IP address on Windows 10 computers is actually very easy. Follow the steps to find your static IP address on Windows 10. Your static IP address is essential for accessing certain devices within your network. Keep it handy!


  1. What is a static address? A static IP address refers to a numerical label that is assigned to a device in a network. It remains constant.
  2. Why is it important to know my static IP adress? Accessing certain devices within your network requires you to know your static IP address.
  3. How do I set up static IP addresses? You will need to go to the router’s settings to assign an IP address to your device to set up a static address.
  4. Can I change my static address? You can change your static IP address. However, this must be done manually in your network settings.
  5. What is the difference between static and dynamic IP addresses? A static IP address is permanent, but a dynamic IP address can change periodically.

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