How Do I Find My Serial Number On Windows 10?

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How Do I Find My Serial Number On Windows 10?

Are You Using Windows 10 and Have Heard About Serial Numbers? If so, here is everything you need to know about Windows 10 serial numbers: how to find them, their importance and what to do if they become lost.

What Is a Windows 10 Serial Number (Product Key)?

Your Windows 10 serial number (also referred to as product key) is a 25-character code used to activate and verify your copy of Windows 10. Each product key is unique for each copy, often found on stickers attached to PCs or laptops or included when purchasing new equipment.

Why Is A Windows 10 Serial Number Essential?

A valid Windows 10 serial number verifies that your copy of Windows is genuine and not pirated, enabling you to activate all features as well as receive security updates without issue. Without such verification, all features may become inactive and unavailable for use, including activating/updating/patching updates for security updates and activation/deactivating updates – possibly leading to further fraud – from being available.

Finding Your Windows 10 Serial Number There are multiple methods of finding your Windows 10 serial number:

If you purchased a PC or laptop preloaded with Windows 10, its serial number should be included in either its documentation or sticker on the device. For digital downloads of Windows 10, however, retailers typically send this serial number out as part of an email to customers with an activation key.

If you have already activated Windows 10, using a command prompt can allow you to view your serial number. Simply open up the command prompt and type: “wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey” without quotes before pressing enter in your command prompt window. For more information about activating Windows 10 with its serial number please see 4. How Can I Activate My Serial Number (with an Example).

Once you have your Windows 10 serial number, use it to activate your copy of Windows 10. Here’s how:

Go to the Start menu and click “Settings.”

Next, expand “Update & Security,” click “Activation,” “Change Product Key,” enter your Windows 10 serial number into “Change Product Key,” click “Change”, “Next,” and follow any further prompts to activate Windows 10.

What to Do if You Misplace Your Windows 10 Serial Number

If you misplace or misplace your Windows 10 serial number, third-party software such as Belarc Advisor or ProduKey can still help retrieve it. These programs will scan your computer and return its serial number.

If you still can’t locate your serial number, don’t hesitate to contact Microsoft support for help.

Change Your Windows 10 Serial Number [Step by Step Guide] If you need to change the serial number on your Windows 10, follow these steps:

Navigate to the Start menu and click “Settings.” From “Update & Security,” navigate to “Activation.”
Select “Change product key” and enter your new Windows 10 serial number before clicking on “Next.” To complete activating Windows 10, follow these instructions.


Windows 10 serial numbers are unique codes that verify the authenticity of each copy of Windows 10. You can find yours either on a sticker or via email when purchasing new PC or laptop systems, though if lost they can still be recovered using third-party software or by reaching out to Microsoft support for assistance. With the steps outlined here you can activate and modify your Windows 10 serial number accordingly.

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