How Do I Delete A Site On Weebly?

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How Do I Delete A Site On Weebly? “

Weebly, a popular website creator, allows individuals and companies to create professional websites without having any knowledge of coding. Anyone who wants to create a website quickly can use this platform. There are times when you might want to delete your site from Weebly. This article will show you how to delete a Weebly site.

How to delete a site on Weebly

Log into your Weebly Account The first thing you need to do to delete a website on Weebly, is log into your account. Click on “Log in” at the Weebly home page. Enter your login information, including your email and password.

Choose the site that you wish to delete. Once you log in, you’ll see a list with all of the sites you have created. Click on the name of the site you wish to delete.

Click on “Settings”. You will be taken to the settings page of the site.

Delete your site Scroll down the settings page to the bottom until you find the “Delete Sites” button. To delete your website, click on the button. Weebly asks you to confirm before permanently deleting your website.

Weebly asks you to confirm your choice after you click on the “Delete site” button. Click the “Confirm button” if you’re sure you want to delete your website. Weebly then deletes your site permanently.

Congratulations! Congratulations! You have successfully removed a website on Weebly. You should be aware that deleting a Weebly site will permanently delete all its pages, posts and images.

Why Would You Want To Delete A Site On Weebly

You may want to delete your site from Weebly for a variety of reasons. You might have built a website for a project that is no longer needed. You may have created a website to try out Weebly features and, now that you’re familiar with it, want to create a brand new site. You can delete a Weebly site in just minutes, no matter what the reason.


You can delete a Weebly site in just a couple of minutes. Follow the instructions in this article step-by-step to permanently delete a Weebly site you no longer require. Before you delete any site from Weebly you should make sure you have backed-up all important content.

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