how do i create a service in ubuntu?

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It can be difficult to create a service in Ubuntu, especially for someone new to the Linux operating system. It is an important task, however, as it allows you to run programs or applications in the background even after you log off. System administrators need services to automate their tasks and start/stop applications according to a set schedule.

This article will walk you through creating a Ubuntu service step by step. You will also be provided with best practices and tips to make sure your service runs smoothly. You will gain a solid understanding of Ubuntu’s service creation process and be able create it confidently.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is a service?
  3. Why create a service in Ubuntu?
  4. Prerequisites
  5. Ubuntu: How to Create a Service
  6. Services: Starting, Stopping, and Restarting
  7. How to check the status of a service
  8. Systemd Managing Services
  9. The Best Practices in Creating Services
  10. Troubleshooting Services
  11. Conclusion

What is a service?

A service in Linux is a program that runs in the background to perform a particular task. Services are typically started automatically when the system boots up. They continue running even after the user logs off. A process supervisor is responsible for managing services and overseeing their operation.

You can use services for many purposes such as file servers, web servers, databases and file servers. These services are vital for system administrators looking to automate tasks and run applications according to a set schedule. Users can also start services manually if they need to run a program behind the scenes.

Why create a service in Ubuntu?

If you need to run an application or program in the background, creating a service in Ubuntu will be essential. System administrators need services to automate their tasks and start/stop applications according to a set schedule.

If you want to run a Ubuntu web server, for example, you will need to create a service to start the web server when it boots up and stop it when it shuts down. This will ensure that the web server remains available even when you aren’t logged in to the system.


These are the prerequisites for creating an Ubuntu service:

  • Running Ubuntu system
  • You want to offer a program or an application as a service.
  • Basic knowledge of Linux commands

Ubuntu: How to Create a Service

These steps are required to create an Ubuntu service:

Step 1: Create a Systemd unit File

To create a service in Ubuntu, the first step is to create a systemd file. The unit file contains instructions on how to manage your service. Open a terminal window, and then run the following command to create a unit-file:

sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/my-service.service

This will open a new file within the nano text editor. You can replace “my_service” with your service name.

Step 2: Define your Service

You must define the service in the unit file by providing the following information.

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