Does Sims 3 Work On Windows 8?

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Does Sims 3 Work On Windows 8?

Sims 3 is an immensely popular simulation game played by millions worldwide. If you’re on Windows 8, though, you might be wondering whether Sims 3 will run correctly on your operating system – in this article we provide all of the answers and info about running Sims 3 on Windows 8.

Maxis and Electronic Arts’ Sims 3 life simulation game was first released for public consumption in 2009. Since its initial release, this life-simulation title has become one of the world’s most beloved simulation titles, offering players the chance to create and manage virtual people known as Sims in life-simulation simulation.

Windows 8, released by Microsoft in 2012, introduced many innovative new features and improvements over its predecessor Windows 7. Unfortunately, some users have experienced compatibility issues with certain software programs such as Sims 3, but these issues were soon addressed by updates released later.

System Requirements for Sims 3

To determine whether Sims 3 will run on Windows 8, we need to take a look at its system requirements. According to its official website, Sims 3 requires at minimum these minimum system specs:

Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or Vista with Service Pack 1 requires at minimum, a 2.0GHz P4 processor or equivalent, 1 GB RAM for Windows XP (1.5GB for Vista), and 128MB Video Card supporting Pixel Shader 2.0.
At least 6.5 GB of hard drive space with at least 1GB reserved for custom content and saved games is required to start this game.

Compatibility Issues with Windows 8

Windows 8 introduced changes that caused compatibility issues between various software programs, including Sims 3, and its operating system, which included replacing the Start menu with the Start screen – leading to some confusion among those accustomed to using the old Start menu.

Major change was also marked by the implementation of Metro user interface for touchscreen devices, causing issues for those still using traditional mouse and keyboard sets ups.

Running Sims 3 on Windows 8 In spite of compatibility issues, Sims 3 can still run smoothly on Windows 8 with some tweaks. Here’s what you should do:

Install the latest version of The Sims 3 from its official website or a reliable third-party source. Right-clicking its shortcut, selecting Properties, and then the Compatibility tab are required steps for proper installation.
Check the box next to “Run This Program in Compatibility Mode for” and choose Windows 7 from the drop-down list. With Sims 3 still running, disable desktop composition and display scaling on high DPI settings by unchecking “Apply and then OK,” before trying it again to see if it works. 6.1 Troubleshooting Tips
If the Sims 3 still won’t launch after following these steps, here are some additional troubleshooting strategies:

Before continuing, verify that your graphics card drivers are up-to-date and disable any antivirus or firewall software which might impede gameplay. Install DirectX from Microsoft’s official website, and try running your game in windowed mode rather than fullscreen mode.


summary, Sims 3 can run on Windows 8 with some tweaks and adjustments. Compatibility issues with Windows 8 can be overcome by following the steps outlined in this article, such as running it in compatibility mode and disabling desktop composition. Note however, that some issues or glitches could still exist that impact gameplay; to prevent any future complications it’s advised that your system meets minimum system requirements for Sims 3 as well as keeping drivers up-to-date to reduce potential problems.

Overall, if you’re a Sims 3 fan on Windows 8, don’t despair: with just a bit of extra work you can still enjoy playing your favourite game on your computer!

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