Can You Have 2 Audio Outputs Windows 10?

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Can You Have 2 Audio Outputs Windows 10?

We need more complex systems to handle our daily tasks. In recent years, having multiple audio outputs in Windows 10 has become more important. The ability to simultaneously play audio from different sources has become essential with the growth of virtual meetings, online courses, and multimedia consumption. This article will explain how to have two audio outputs in Windows 10.

Understanding audio outputs

It’s important to know the basics about audio outputs before diving into Windows 10’s 2 audio outputs. Audio output is the process of sending sound from a computer out to an external device such as a headphone, speaker or soundbar. You can select your audio output device in Windows 10 by visiting the Sound Settings.

Windows 10 allows for two audio outputs.

Yes, the short answer is “yes”. Windows 10 allows for two audio outputs, but this requires extra hardware and software. Windows 10 only allows one audio device to be used at once. This means that you can use either your speakers or headphones but not both. Windows 10 allows you to have two audio outputs with some external hardware and tweaks.

Hardware is required

If you want to have two audio outputs in Windows 10, then you will need an external audio device that has multiple audio outputs. Audio interfaces are external devices that connect to your computer using USB, Thunderbolt or Firewire and provide multiple audio inputs. An audio interface can be used to connect both your headphones and speakers simultaneously, and to route audio output from one device to the other.

Installing the Hardware

Install the drivers after you connect your audio interface to your computer. You can then connect your headphones and speakers to the audio interface after installing the necessary drivers. Windows 10 audio settings must be configured to send audio to both devices once you have connected them.

Windows 10 audio settings

Follow these steps to configure audio settings on Windows 10.

  • Click on the volume icon and choose “Open Sound Settings” by right-clicking the icon.
  • Select the audio interface under the “Outputs” section as your default device.
  • Select the device properties link under the output device.
  • Select the checkbox “Allow apps to take exclusive control over this device” under the “Advanced tab.”
  • Click “Apply” then “OK.”

After you’ve configured your audio settings, it is possible to play audio simultaneously from different sources. You can, for example, listen to music through your speakers while also listening to a videoconference call using your headphones.


With the right hardware, and software, it is possible to have two audio outputs in Windows 10. Using an external audio interface, you can configure the audio settings of Windows 10 to route audio output simultaneously to multiple devices. This feature is useful for those who work at home or use their computer to consume multimedia content.


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