The African Medical Education Symposium

The 2010 African Medical Education Symposium (AMES), held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania from April 17 to 19 brought together key leaders in medical education, health policy, and health system strengthening from academia, government, NGOs, foundations, and global health initiatives.  The symposium was a high-level strategic meeting meant to address issues related to capacity building, accountability, sustainability, and retention in medical education in Africa.  The event featured three days of valuable information and discussion including keynote addresses, panel discussions and breakout sessions that explored innovative programs and promising directions in the field of medical education in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Presentations highlighted collaborative efforts toward improved quality of education, institutional innovations for faculty and graduate retention, and models of problem-based and community-based curricula.


Participants acknowledged that accountable medical education is taking place in Africa, and stressed the need to demonstrate a link between medial education and the health of communities through evidence-based research. Wide support was found for the revitalization of an African Medical Schools Association, which will collaborate with Professional Colleges, WHO, the African Union, Ministers of Health, Education, and Finance, heads of State, and technical and donor partners to move forward the vital work of producing high-quality medical professionals in numbers sufficient to improve the health of Africa’s peoples.
Please see the AMES agenda for a list of speakers and presentations. 
Many of the presenters at AMES have agreed to post their powerpoint presentations online.  The presentations that have been made available are posted below in .pdf format.  If you cannot access them, you may need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader
Conference Outcomes
Please check back regularly, as additional presentations may be added to each section. 

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